Dr. Pouquie returns with an episode to soothe your soul. He was gooped and gagged when the domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol Building. Then those folks had the nerve to plant explosive devices and leave things on Dame Nancy’s and Moscow Mitch’s desks. With this kind of insurrectionist carrying on, the Doctor wondered where we can find love and the joy in this unsettling world. Specifically, where is your joy? How do you access your joy when it’s not readily apparent? With guidance from Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner E. B. Johnson, Dr. Pouquie explores the differences between joy and happiness (c’mon Reverend Al!), how to cultivate authenticity in your daily life, and how authenticity feeds joy. In our listener letter, Dr. Pouquie gives advice on what to do when you’ve fallen for a guy who treats you like an option.