America, post-Obama? Chyle, please! Darkboy sets the table for the conversation and Dr. Pouquie—still displaced after 3 weeks of ongoing household repairs—lets his salty Scorpio nature run wild in the church parking lot. Dr. Pouquie discusses three underappreciated divas and the guys offer their thoughts on adding a third member when a hungry hole is not being fed to its satisfaction.

Show Notes

Interview of Derek Black, former white nationalist, on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

The Three Branches of the U.S. Federal Government compliments of Truman Library and the History Channel.

State-by-State Voting Guide

Early Voting Guide and Calendar.

Dr. Pouquie’s Underappreciated Divas, Vol. 1

Rachelle Ferrell
Heather Headley
Patti Austin

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