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Sexual Healing with Dr. Pouquie
Episode 8: Toe-Jobs and Fresh Crack Fingers

Dating is rough business, especially when you and your date are not on the same page (or your date is a fan of fuckboy behavior). The guys dig into their vaults to bring a few pieces of Fool’s Gold to the light. From a Toejob before dessert to a grope-tastic trip to the bathroom at the DC Eagle, the guys cover memories of dating foolishness and fuckery. As an added bonus, Dr. Pouquie shares a tragic memory about an acquaintance burning sage at a sex party. And in modifying a few key details to protect the not-so-innocent, the Doc failed to mention that the infamous sage burner was found in full meat puppet mode (for those who know the lingo).

Doc asked his mother not to listen to this episode, but she’ll do it anyway until she gets to that point when she knows it is time to fast forward…

While the guys appreciate these gentlemen stepping their pussies up, it would have gone better had said gentlemen learned to read the room.

Dr. Pouquie learns that it is best not to record episodes when he is fatigued because he spills too much damn tea and is unconcerned about who freezes in the shade he casts.

And Darkboy just shook his head and held on when the ride got wild.

We had severe cases of CRS during the Blacklist.