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Sexual Healing with Dr. Pouquie
Episode 7: Y'all Still White

The Short Version: Darkboy learns that there are very good things waiting for brothas in those Grindr streets. And Dr. Pouquie, well, he learns that he often falls short of the restraint to which he sometimes aspires.  

The Long Version: It began as an exploration of problematic profiles and comments in hookup apps. Dr. Pouquie got a little loose and invited Darkboy into a conversation about white supremacy and economic privilege in LGBTQ communities. Darkboy enjoyed the ride and co-signed on many of the points raised.  

Finally, a listener letter takes the Doc on a nostalgic and informative trip through his participant observer research in men’s sexual sub communities.   offered a respectable read of white gay men. Darkboy didn’t stop him, so the Doc continues to share some of his thoughts on anti-Blackness in LGBTQ communities. The show concludes with the Doc sharing some of his experiences doing observational research in various sexual sub-communities.