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Sexual Healing with Dr. Pouquie
Episode 14: More Than Two to Tango

Intimate relationships involving more than two people at one time are not new. Gay men have often been at the forefront of sexual experimentation, freedom, and innovation. Despite our tendency to occasionally land on the conservative side, Black LGBTQ folks have been sexual and relationship pioneers as well. Unlike in past generations, our conversations about non-monogamous relationships go beyond swinging and key parties. We now have as many catchy names for these different types of relationships as we have academic and clinical names.

This week, the guys hit up Uncle Wikipedia for a list of non-monogamous relationship forms to begin Part 1 of a larger discussion of the forms that intimate relationships can take.  How open can you be in your romantic relationships and marriage? Could you share your partner? Is having a little piece (or several pieces) on the side part of how you’re wired?