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Sexual Healing with Dr. Pouquie
Episode 10: Hey Cat Daddy

What would you do for Daddy?

This episode the guys discuss their attraction to the more seasoned man. Whether he is a statuesque military veteran with a comforting lap or a cat daddy that can still command a room with his fedora and swag, the guys get into the things that they’ve done for Daddy over the years.

Darkboy stayed the course and got a great husband along the way. He’s an old married guy now, but he ain’t dead.

Dr. Pouquie routinely defies his mother’s 10 years up to 10 years down” dating advice. He hasn’t claimed that band of gold (or platinum, yeah, platinum) yet, but just as long as he has breath.

Darkboy and Dr. Pouquie have done plenty and welcome the opportunity to do more (within reason). So many guys like ‘em young and fresh, but these guys like ‘em sage and seasoned.

Darkboy knew what kind of man he wanted and plowed through his own dating adventures and misadventures. Along the way, he got a great husband out of the deal.

Dr. Pouquie routinely defies his mother’s “10 years up to 10 years down” dating advice. He’s had his share of fun and forgettable experiences; and hopes that it will all work out for the best.

Both guys realize that they would do things for Daddy—but not just any old daddy— Dr. Pouquie reconnects with a long-held desire to get a custom t-shirt made for the next time he makes his next biannual and voluntary trip to a bar or a club.