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“I’m talking to my brothas and my bristas, but I know that all of y’all can hear me.”

 eSexual Healing explores relationships, sexuality, health, and wellness from a Black, male, cisgender, same-gender loving, 40-something, intelli-ratchet perspective. Each episode gives you information to help you to live your best life while making sure that your sex and love games are on-point. 

Dr. Pouquie possesses a Ph.D. in Psychology, but he is NOT a licensed therapist. He’s a researcher with a gift for presenting complex information in easy to understand bits.

Your host dreamed of becoming a cross between a Black, male Dr. Ruth and comedian Mother Love. Despite no pursuing this dream professionally, he has spent more than 20 years providing counsel to family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors on airplanes. 

Folks love to share their secrets and anxieties with him. And he loves to talk about sex and relationships.

Your host was named Dr. Pouquie by two beloved sistahs that he met during his doctoral studies. Two more fabulous sistas that he met during a trip to New Orleans gave him the final push to start this show. 

Darkboy cohosted the first 40 episodes of the podcast until he departed to start a home goods business. Since that time Dr. Pouquie has sought to make this podcast and some other allied content the best that they can be.

Got questions? Love to hear folks sort through mess? Want to eavesdrop on informative, raunchy, and irrevernt conversations? This is the show for you.

Episode 37: Male Body Image

Episode 37: Male Body Image

Are you Team Body Beautiful or Team Bad-Body Built? This week the guys explore male body image and expectations in same gender loving circles and larger LGBTQ communities.

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