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Sexual Healing with Dr. Pouquie

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Here is the catalog of  released episodes to date. The earliest episodes featured Darkboy alongside Dr. Pouquie. The entrepreneurial bug pulled Darkboy away at the close of 2019 and Dr. Pouquie was left to his own intelli-ratchet devices. Please check out the catalog and share episodes on your social media. Don’t forget to subscribe using your favorite podcasting platform.

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Bald-Headed Hoochie

When a scruffy stranger expresses his unsolicited lust, what are you to do?

Episode 48: Take Your Damn Meds!

Episode 48: Take Your Damn Meds!

This week Dr. Pouquie sits down with members of the Southern California chapter of Black and White Men Together to discuss mentorship and intergenerational relationships within LGBTQ communities.

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